Some useful addon configs

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Some useful addon configs

Post by Steven »

As most of you know, S2 addons can be complicated. Not all features are automatically keybinded or is easy to figur out and to use. Here are some hidden features which you could change. Feel free to expand this list if you have suggestions

1) Advance movement: Climbing (a must)
How to configure the key? ESC-> Options -> control -> drop down menu -> Custom controls -> Use Action 1, suggested button L-Alt + V

2) Ace interaction menu: Custom menu update ( just my own preference, you can try it)
ESC-> options-> Addon options-> Ace Interaction Menu -> Tick the following boxes, 'Always display cursor for self interaction', 'Always display cursor for interaction', 'Display interaction menus as lists'.

3) Medical menu: Recommend for medical system, you don't have to find the limbs because the person is moving around
ESC-> options -> Addon options -> Ace Medical -> Use medical Menu -> Enabled , use 'H' to open medical menu.

4) Open/Close door in Ace: Ability to open doors partially with the scroll menu.
ESC-> options -> Controls -> configure addons -> drop down menu -> ACE Common -> Open/close door, recommended button, Lshift + spacebar.
To use this option hit "Lshift+ space" while facing a door until you hear a *click* than scroll.

5) Double tap G to throw grenade: obviously
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Re: Some useful addon configs

Post by mathers »

Alternatively you can also unbind your grenade standard key and only use the ACE throw with shift+G which then makes it so you see the trajectory and have to confirm the throw with left click. Plus a bunch of other handy options, like determining the throwing arc or cooking the grenade before throwing (...careful...). Good tips.
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Re: Some useful addon configs

Post by Wombat »

I've also got some of my own suggestions to add.

To get to your ACRE2 keybindings:

ESC-> options -> Controls -> configure addons -> drop down menu -> ACRE2

By default, the ACRE2 keybinds are:

Default Radio Key = Caps Lock
Alt Radio Key 1 = Shift+Caps Lock
Alt Radio Key 2 = Ctrl+Caps Lock
Alt Radio Key 3 = Alt+Capslock

The problem with "Default Radio Key" is that ACRE considers the default radio to be whichever radio you last transmitted on. This means that you often accidentally transmit on the wrong radio when you have more than one radio and use the "Default Radio Key". I suggest, especially if your are used to TFAR keybindings, to remove the keybinding for "Default Radio Key" and instead assign Caps Lock to "Alt Radio Key 1". It should now look like this:

Default Radio Key =
Alt Radio Key 1 = Caps Lock
Alt Radio Key 2 = Ctrl+Caps Lock
Alt Radio Key 3 = Alt+Capslock

This makes using multiple radios so much easier. Remember that when ingame, you can use ACE self-interaction to customise which radio is assigned to which PTT buttons, e.i. if you set your AN/PRC-343 radio to "Multi PTT 1" and your AN/PRC-152 radio to "Multi PTT 2", you are now using the exact some controls for your short range and long range radios as you would with TFAR.
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