Friendly Fire & Respawn

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Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by Spud »

Friendly fire sucks, no-one likes it whether it be intentional or not and I dont think the victims of it should be punished for it especially when it is near the start of the mission.
Whether it be a bad frag, miss guided air strike or being shot in the back of the head when unconscious people should have the right to load back in to their slot after these incidents, yes it may be un-milsim like or whatever but it just ruins peoples missions and ultimately their game night.

Please post your opinions.
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Re: Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by Cobra. »

I think it is highly dependent on the situation and a blanket decision doesn't apply either way for the case for and against re spawning.
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Re: Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by OldManVegas »

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Re: Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by Wombat »

I agree with Cobra here, context is important and a hard rule of no respawn/re-slot without any exceptions doesn't make sense.

It's already not unheard of for the logged-in admin to give permission to players to re-slot after death for specific cases such as for infantry who died on first helo insertion due to pilot error. I'd say, if you feel you died "unfairly" early on in a mission due to some kind of accident, you can ask an admin (ideally the logged-in admin) for permission to re-slot.

The reason why I would be against allowing all players who died by friendly fire to re-slot in every instance is you would then take away any incentive for players to avoid friendly fire incidents in the first place. The guilt a player feels when he is responsible for killing a friendly player is a powerful deterrent.

So in future, contact an admin, tell him the context of your death and he might give you permission to re-slot.
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Re: Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by StRiKeR »

I disagree with allowing a respawn after a teamkill in most cases. The only exception in my eyes would be an obvious griefer shooting friendlies with intent or his game bugs/glitches out in a way that makes him lose control or crash (i.e. Tagging a guy in the head after alt-tabbing back in).
So if you get zapped because of shitty ID or poor coordination while the mission is running normally, suck it up and improve as a team. Best way to teach a guy to PID is too make him feel like shit when he fails at it. Otherwise nothing changes, except more respawns for stupid reasons. It will also allow for a tremendous amount of whining when people come up with reasons why the should be able to get a special treatment.
In case of fully loaded choppers crashing, add more role redundancy and put less eggs in one basket. That goes for coordinating the mission AND designing it. Shortening it helps, implementing secondary roles helps... There sure are ways that don't involve making it all easier per-se.

We are already softening up way too much with our always-unconscious settings and Revive being often near infinite on server #1. It all does not make us better players, in fact it makes us repeat our mistakes. Actions need to carry a certain weight, otherwise you might aswell roll dice. There needs to be more action - reaction relationships in scenarios. I'd rather see missions adjust for the better in their overall design in this regard instead of simply dumbing down the parameters for the players. But I guess the latter is easier...
However that is just my personal opinion and I respect the reasoning behind other POVs.

Keep in mind I do not oppose mission justified respawn that is tied to events or intervals for scenario-based reasons. Thats different and stands by itself.
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Re: Friendly Fire & Respawn

Post by Ender »

Yea sorry for that Spud... If it makes you feel better I felt like absolute shit after being stupid and mistaking you of a downed enemy, which is the same argument Wombat used and it sure does work. Really haven't felt so stupid in a long time
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