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Next Community meeting 19th May, 1500 BST (GMT+1)

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Next Community meeting 19th May, 1500 BST (GMT+1)

Post by Snowman » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:58 pm

Next community meeting scheduled for Sunday 19th May 2019 at 1500 BST (GMT+1)

Currently compiling the notes for the meeting but it looks like there will be a few technical items to Q & A along with a chance for you, the community, to ask any questions of the admin and technical teams.

If you have any questions in mind which are either technical, lengthy or have with supporting reference materials then please PM them to me via the forum, or catch me on Teamspeak, so we can look into your questions beforehand saving time at the meeting.



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Re: Next Community meeting 19th May, 1500 BST (GMT+1)

Post by Snowman » Sun May 19, 2019 11:46 pm


Meeting minutes, recording & links

Recording: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1bkY7z ... Y6mhPu3nmx

admin team,
new content,
Global mobilisation,
Patrol Ops,
PR Activities

[ POLL } https://strawpoll.com/42azge85

{ POLL} https://strawpoll.com/kwexgasg

Technical team update
General state of Arma
DLC Creator & GM
Special events

[ Stealthy]::

[ POLL ]

- Q & A
1. Performance Binaries
Vlad::Q on hosting, cloud solution, performance.
VigilVindex::Comment on cloud solutions, servers etc. Training, record them? PVP/TVT, smaller missions a good idea, quick rounds etc. MODs & updates, stream workshop, arma 3 sync
2. Escape, the good one.
Stealthy :: No reason we can’t look into these. We were looking for some smaller scale missions anyway, especially for non game nights.

DaveOne:: re mission template deviations.
Folau:: Need more, better feedback on missions for devs.
Kenny:: re Feedback mechanism.
Beagles:: re Feedback, mission selection, idea to allow players to pre-vote for missions.
DaveOne:: re TvT. non gamenights
Ghost:: Re Mission selection
Beagles:: Discord avaialable for trying to get extra attention for tvt events. custom Discord notifications: https://i.imgur.com/A1DG4hQ.png
VigilVindex:: Calendar, event notifications.
Kenny:: Discord, use discord to assign roles / groups to people interested in different aspects.
Beagles:: How to moderate that.
Folau:: re:Slotting procedures.
Eagle:: re: JTAC, FAC,, comms channels,
Beagles:: re: lead roles, need short series of vids covering these roles.
Dmitry:: re: SOPs for comms: http://zeus-community.net/a3forums/view ... hilit=jtac
Terox:: re: Injecting SOPs into briefings.
Folau:: Wombat wrote a really good Mortar / Forward Observer guide for the briefing I have the code for. https://pastebin.com/34xwPvrV
Ghost:: re JTAC and utilising that role. Training for it.

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