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TVT - Race to Neochori (pvp or no-pvp)

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TVT - Race to Neochori (pvp or no-pvp)

Post by erikiru » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:21 pm

Projectname: Race to Neochori
Status:[DESIGN] [Scripting]

Main Goals:
1) Each team has to complete two objectives (destroy in caches in towns nr.1 (task1) and nr. 2 (task2)) and then assasinate an officer in Neochori (task 3). After all objectives are complete then that team wins.
* The officer only appears (trigger) when the first two objectives is done by a side.
* Killing the officer (Neochori) without completing first two objectives will lead to [not completing mission] - and the other side will win ( cause all objectives are met)
* If both teams completed first two objectives - the one side who kills the officer wins.
2) (if PVP = on) If the commander bleeds out (permanent death) that side loses.
* Everyone but the commander can respawn as many times as they want

Side objective:
Each team can commandeer a littlebird (transport chopper) on the airfield. Light résistance is present on the airports.

Leave ideas&thoughts&feedback&critic in the comments
I do want your opinions....if this should be milsim [limited lives, ff on, pvp on] or arcade [unlimited respawns, ff off, pvp off].

TimeFrame to alpha testing on server: 3 weeks (march2019).

* In first two villages (first objectives) little resistance.
* Neochori - more resistance OPFOR (i (paratroopers), t, ).
* Neochori - Main forces paratrooped/spawned in when one side completes objectives 1&2.
* Military Towers - no acces (trigger teleport script) and surrounded by mines. (barricades do not work against the climbing addon)
* SPAWN - 2 transport vehicles
* Neochori - Main forces use dynamic partolling (zeus script) √ light
* LAG - using triggers to delete dead bodies. √ 26k script
* LAG - using triggers to spawn in bodies √ 26k script
* PARAMETERS - random
* TEAMS - same armor, weapon, transport vehicles, team-compostion - different outfit, spawnlocation
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Re: TVT - Race to Neochori (pvp or no-pvp)

Post by Jim » Sun Feb 24, 2019 6:15 pm

How about in PVP mode the teams must capture and return the HVT? - stops them GL'ing the town in a desperate bid to win, also means that there's more conflict between teams with the extraction phase(s), plus a need to PID targets.

Nice mission

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Re: TVT - Race to Neochori (pvp or no-pvp)

Post by erikiru » Tue Feb 26, 2019 8:51 am

Yes, that seems more immersive:D thank you!

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