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Global Mobilisation Server#3 Gamenight 10/07/20

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Global Mobilisation Server#3 Gamenight 10/07/20

Post by Wombat » Thu Jul 02, 2020 2:00 pm

We will be running a Server#3 Global Mobilisation DLC gamenight next week on Friday 10th July (18:30 BST). Now is an excellent time to revisit GM DLC thanks to the significant v1.2 update and a 50% Steam discount (which ends 9th July by the way).

We will need new missions to play (with or without inclusion of the latest new assets) so to our mission devs, please consider contributing your own creations to the gamenight. We may not necessarily get round to playing every new mission in one evening (depending on how many new missions we have) but if the gamenight is successful, we will likely organise a follow-up gamenight so we can get round to playing everything. If you are interested in developing one or more missions for the gamenight, please notify me by direct message so I can get a rough idea on how many new missions we will have.

Time: 18:30 BST 10th July
Server#3 IP:
Port: 2320
Requirement: Global Mobilization DLC
Recommended: ZCBA_A and ZClient (Server#1 mods) and Contact DLC purchased in-case there is a Livonia mission

GM DLC 50% discount (ends 9/07/20)

Contact DLC (Livonia terrain) 33% discount

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