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Antistasi Nato and CSAT slots PvP Slots

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Antistasi Nato and CSAT slots PvP Slots

Post by Layden » Thu May 21, 2020 1:01 pm

So yesterday I joined the antistasi mission on Malden as a Nato member (opposite team). When I joined this slot, there seemed to be a lot of negativity coming from the independent team suggesting that using the slot was a breach of the rules and soon after I was vote kicked from the slot which I didn't really understand. After looking over the rules google doc I can't seem to find any rule against PVP (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PVc ... pt4eehch62).
Although I think it needs to be made clear by the admins whether PvP should be allowed for this specific mission as it does make the mission more challenging.

Personally, i feel that the Nato and CSAT make the missions more interesting and it keeps rebels on their toes, you never know when there may be a player in the outpost you attack as opposed to just ai. I think if it is allowed there should definitely be rules for using it such as no killing Petros or base attaching, I think it would also be smart to make it so that there is a ratio of 6/7 rebels to 1 nato.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts!

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