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Arma not responsive.

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Arma not responsive.

Post by Andy5682 » Sun Apr 05, 2020 10:19 pm


Fellow community members, Over the years i have not had many issues's with Arma until tonight. I was unable to play game night tonight sunday. Every time i loaded into the game within a matter of seconds my game goes unresponsive. i have uninstalled & reinstalled Arma, Verified the files but still having the same issue. Tried loading in vanilla still the same issue.

So i am at a loss as to what the problem might be. Anybody else had this issue or similar problem could offer me a possible solution would be appreciated.



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Re: Arma not responsive.

Post by Wombat » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:37 pm

So to confirm, so far you've tried:
  • Restart PC
  • Reinstall Arma
  • Verify integrity of local game files
If those haven't worked, you could try:
  • Run game without Battleye
  • Temporarily disable any background applications/processes which could be interferring such as 3rd party antivirus/windows defender
  • Run Arma executable as administrator
Do you know if anything changed with your PC between the last time Arma worked and when it broke? It's possible for an OS update to break something somewhere. Last year, an OS update broke something related to my audio drivers and I resorted to doing a clean OS install (reinstalling audio drivers didn't work).

You could try posting in the "Troubleshooting" channel on the official Arma Discord server found here and troubleshooting forums here

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