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ACE 3.13.0 Medical

Any Topics related to the No.2 Server
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ACE 3.13.0 Medical

Post by [Ben] » Wed Jan 29, 2020 3:09 pm


I have written a fairly broad overview on the new ACE medical system. It covers the mechanics that have changed, things to do as a rifleman and things to do as a medic. So it's beneficial for everyone to read, even if you don't pick medic roles.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qBL ... zceqY/edit#

I will add to this thread at a later date with guidelines for mission makers, covering loadouts, settings and general design approach changes that i think fit this new system overall.


You couldn't script your way out of a cardboard box.

Posts: 323
Joined: Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:10 pm

Re: ACE 3.13.0 Medical

Post by [Ben] » Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:29 am

Guidelines for Player Loadouts:


The biggest changes to loadouts will be the need for Splints and Atropine, as well as the need for varying denominations of fluids. Due to the importance blood volume now plays to the players consciousness medics carrying not only more blood, but different sizes for different levels of trauma is now important.

Recommended Minimum Rifleman Loadout:
  • Elastic Bandages x 2 - 5
    Packing Bandages x 2 - 5
    Epinephrine x 1 - 2
    Tourniquet x 1 -2
Recommended Minimum Medic Loadout:
  • Elastic Bandages x 10 - 15
    Packing Bandages x 10 - 15
    Epinephrine x 10 - 12
    Morphine x 12 - 15
    Atropine x 8 - 12
    Splints x 10 - 12
    Fluids 250 ml x 6 - 8
    Fluids 500 ml x 4 - 6
    Fluids 1000 ml x 2 - 4
    Tourniquet x 2 - 6

These are recommended minimums, feel free to add additional supplies on top of this. Note that splints and morphine are now being used as more specialist equipment. This is because of the more serious impact morphine now has, and in future a setting will be added to control the frequency of fractures making splints likely to be less in demand.
You couldn't script your way out of a cardboard box.

Posts: 323
Joined: Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:10 pm

Re: ACE 3.13.0 Medical

Post by [Ben] » Wed Feb 26, 2020 10:30 am

Mission Design

Some fundamental changes to mission design are now beneficial in some key areas that all affect pacing of a mission.

Volume of Contact:

Being shot is now on average a lot more punishing than it used to be. Due to this the more time spent being shot at, will inevitably lead to more and more missions either being failed, or withdrawn from due to excessive casualties.

Player forces can be attrited down a lot quicker now, due to how much of an impact unconsciousness now is. This will require the volume of enemy contact to be reeled in slightly, missions where the enemy force is twice the size of the player force with combat multipliers will feel very one sided now. A general recommendation is for a pure infantry player force the enemy contact should be 1 - 1.2 time the size of the player force. For anything above 1.5 times the player force the players should be given appropriate combat multipliers.

As always any multipliers the enemy has, the players should also be given tools to deal with that problem, unless there is specific reason not too that is based within the premise of the mission.

Reactionary Forces:

Many of our missions use reactionary forces that are triggered by player actions in a mission. Some of these types will need to be redesigned, as in their current state they don’t leave any practical ability for the players to react to them without sacrificing other people's enjoyment of the game.

Any kind of “horde” or “pursuing” reaction force where a constant stream of enemies is spawned and continuously press the player force will need to be adjusted. Before they either provided fighting disengagements, or artificially increased the pace at which the players would have to make their decisions. Which before was fine, it was uncommon for players to be overrun by this behavior. However now with the ability for even a single casualty to completely immobilize a squad this constant horde of enemies will almost always overwhelm the player force.

An adjustment to this type of force without removing it entirely is to have the enemy push in waves. E.G Instead of spawning a squad sized group every 3 minutes. Spawn two squad sized groups and wait 5-6 minutes before spawning the same sized group for a set number of loops before a large pause of 15 minutes before repeating the whole loop. This allows a fixed 5 minutes plus the travel time for players to respond to each contact before getting a larger break to deal with any critical casualties. Even in settings where an aggressive enemy is pursuing the player force there has to be small downtime in the contact for players to collect themselves and deal with wounded, the nature of unconsciousness and cardiac arrest forces this.


Any mission that has an initial objective that leads into multiple smaller objectives. I.E Pick up some intel, then rescue people revealed by that intel. Or missions that have multiple objectives and a respawn mechanic like body bags or dog tags, should provide ways to secure medical supplies, either by player fed logistics or by capturing enemy supplies along the way, this can help to keep the viability of the mission going as well as reduce slowdowns from having to ration medical gear.

Additionally enemy groups if possible should be somewhat sensible in composition and not completely random. I.E an squad sized infantry group of enemies should have a medic, similar to how we do. This can help supplement the topping up of supplies to keep the mission flowing if medics can scavenge key supplies off of enemy medical personnel.
You couldn't script your way out of a cardboard box.

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