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Contact DLC Mission making.

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Contact DLC Mission making.

Post by Jacob » Fri Jul 26, 2019 5:04 pm

As of now. Based on testing.

Making a mission requires you to lunch the game without activating the contact DLC.
Otherwise, it won't work. Based on the test server exp..

That means no access to the contact stuff.
Only useable assets are the one from the "contact platform".
(From Arma 3 naming order).

As of now, you can't use this content:
Alien drones, Some pre-created combat roles/squads, story characters, All the ALIEN STUFF (No alien ship, None of the alien roots or core of the network, No Spectrum device with the antenna module. That is the most disappointing as it is so much fun to play around in the editor.
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Re: Contact DLC Mission making.

Post by [Ben] » Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:08 pm

This was communicated by BI a while ago. There is the Enoch platform content. (Weapons, Equipment, Terrain) and there is the Contact content (Story and campaign stuff). The Contact content is not multiplayer compatible, this is because it overwrites a lot of base game functionality and makes it behave differently, even if you made a mission with contact content you would not be able to put it on the server as the servers only accept the Enoch platform content. They key that is used to sign the Contact content is not on our servers at this time.
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