Welcome (Please read this first)

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Welcome (Please read this first)

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Dear Newcomer,

Firstly I'd like to welcome you to the Zeus gaming community, which has been around since 2003 and primarily focuses on the Milsim ArmA by Bohemia interactive.

To help you find the relevant information you may need, we have set up the following structure to help you.
  1. Central Information Repository (Google Doc) (Index of tutorials and guides)
  2. Additional Google Doc information pages linked from the central repository
  3. A sister discussion thread for each Information Category to ask any questions that are not answered on the information pages
  4. Latest News page

"Central Information Repository"
This is your first port of call for any and all information you may be looking for.
The page is available HERE
Quickly search through the headings to find the particular category of information you require then follow the link to the actual information page

Information Pages
Selecting a link from the central repository index page will bring you to a page with detailed information on the subject content you have selected
The page should answer any and all questions on that particular subject. If it doesn't, then you need to follow the link on that page to it's sister discussion thread on our forums and raise your question there.
You can comment directly to these documents, we can then review your comment and add it to the document if it is pertinent.

Discussion Thread
This is where you discuss the topic, raise your issues, post your solutions etc.
We will extract the information from this thread to update the Information thread
Please take note, it is very important to us that if your question isn't answered in the information pages that you do raise the issue on the thread. The next person who comes along may need that same question answering, so please help us to populate our information pages with quality information

Latest News
We decided that the most centric and easily accesible place for folks to check for the latest changes in the community was via a google doc.
When you connect to teamspeak, a pop up window will be created, this has the date of the last news update within the community and a link to the document. Alternatively bookmark the following page
Latest News

  1. Read This document
  2. Register on the forums to get full access to this content
  3. Please bookmark the Central Information repository and read the following sections
  4. Latest News
  5. RULES
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