Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Adoption Announcement

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Creator DLC: S.O.G. Prairie Fire - Adoption Announcement

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Hello everyone,

As you all may be aware a new Arma 3 Creator DLC called S.O.G. Prairie Fire will be dropping in the coming weeks. This sets out to depict the entirety of the Vietnam War in great detail and depth, with a special focus on the Studies and Observations Group of the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam.

As we are expecting a significant level of interest regarding this new Creator DLC, we will be approaching it similarly to the last cDLC-adoption, Global Mobilization. As such, we will be deploying S.O.G. Prairie Fire to our Server #3 as soon as it becomes released. We will be initially running shipped seeder missions and gamemodes, while our community mission makers will start to analyse the content and prepare new missions of their own.

As soon as we receive the submission of several custom missions, we will be announcing a regular schedule of sessions to play these. Our plan, similar to our handling of GM, is to then replace one Server #1 gamenight per week with the new S.O.G. missions and thus establish a regular schedule for S.O.G. sessions. In the meantime, Server #3 will run as an open and publicly accessible server with no additional mods, allowing us to also effectively reach out to players potentially new to our community.

All mission makers are therefore highly encouraged to create and submit their S.O.G. missions for consumption on Server #3 as soon as the cDLC is released. Depending on further interest down the line we may investigate to include some gameplay enhancing mods like ACRE 2 to Server #3, to deepen the gameplay experience and to eventually create a bridge to our Server #2 population. Initially, it will be a vanilla S.O.G. server.

This outlines our approach to the release of S.O.G. Prairie Fire for the first two months past release. Further reviews to this initial strategy may occur depending on changing events.

Thank you.
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