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Steam sale recommendation thread

Discussion for anything non arma related.
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Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by Rory » Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:02 am

Wanted to see what people recommend in the steam sale.

I will start it off by saying Apex is now 66% off so you scrubs that didnt buy it have no excuse. Tanoa is a good map and I think its worth it.
Also Middle Earth : Shadow of Mordor is only £3, Would highly reccomend if you like 3rd person action.
This War Of Mine is a cool SP survival game that I have sunk some hours into also only £3.

Anyone else have any heavily discounted triple A games or overlooked Indy Gems to recommend?

Or endless DCS / Flight sim modules, you fuckin flight sim nerds

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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by OldManVegas » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:35 am

Crypt of the Necrodancer. -

Another <£2 gem. Incredibly hard, rhythm-base RPG rogue-like, you can only move and attack to the beat. Certainly a challenge.

The Orange Box / Valve Complete Packs / Portal.

If you've never played Half-Life 2, its' episodes, and Portal 2, the now's a great time to pick them up. Despite being old, released in 2004, the games still hold up well today in both gameplay, storytelling and challenge. For £3 or %90 off individual components, I think it's definitely still worth it.

Metro Redux Bundle. Currently only £6.24.

Metro is a post-nuclear apocalypse (Technically bio-weapon apocalypse) Russian society about guys confined to living underground, only scavenging to the surface for the odd thing. Last Light is an incredibly haunting game, with so many memorable moments and breathtaking sequences, an overwhelmingly immersive world. I played Last Light before now starting 2033, but Last Light is worth £3.74 any day. If you get both in a pack you get the full story and save an extra £1.24. (If you do buy it, turn on English subtitles and Russian voices for proper immersion). Once you get into it, it's hard to keep out of it, and the memorable moments stick with you, some because of how somber and haunting they are, some beause they're just breathtakingly done.

Similarly - STALKER. Call of Pripyat (£3.24) > Shadow of Chernobyl (£2.49)> Clear Sky (£1.99).

Another old and incredibly brutal game set in "The Zone", a zone of exclusion established after the Chernobyl disaster, which has brought all kinds of strange anomalies. From slime that fizzes and burns, to giant roaming balls of fire, gravity wells that draw in and crush anything nearby into chunks of meat, to strange anomalies that defy space and time, trapping soldiers in limbo. The combat is incredibly brutal, simple and odd-looking, but terrifying to be in. Health is nothing, and you scrape by with what little the game gives you. Whilst technically you can play the game for free in STALKER - Lost Alpha (Available on the ModDB page), something about the originals are immaculate, and the infamous Misery mod makes the world even worse and miserable. (All games 75% off). Very slav game.

And that doesn't even encompass the the level of severity in the zone. Whilst you the landscape alone wants to kill you through radiation and anomalies, it's also filled with hideous mutants andother creatures. In Misery Mod the Controllers will warp the world around you, trying to get you to shoot yourself, subtly changing the environment and leading you into traps. Zombies and the mind controlled collective known as the Monolith, a heavily armed and brainwashed faction of STALKERs brandishing powerful proto-type weapons and a hive mind. And that's if you don't get caught up in the collective inter-zone power struggles present between loners, the Anti-Zone "Duty" and the Pro-Zone "Freedom". Survival is paramount, with food, radiation, water and energy needs, and having friends will help.

Total War: Warhammer. (66% off - £13.59).

If you can put up with the fantasy setting, no naval battles and the expensive DLC, another bloody good Total War game. The Warhammer genre turns the franchise on its head, with powerful lords and heroes, units ranging from fanatic flagellants who beat themself before entering battle, to seven foot tall orks carrying clubs and swords to make uruks jealous, to 50 foot tall giant spiders that ravage the land.
The DLC is all discounted too, which is rare, and depending on what you like should depend on what you get, you can still get a full experience (And all the free DLC that comes with it) without any of it, and the modding community is extremely thoughtful. When TWW2 comes out in September it will combine both maps into the largest Total War map to date, including the Skavenblight, High Elfs, Dark Elves, Lizardmen. And another Norscan tribe DLC coming out too. (Free-LC.)

I love this game because the Warhammer universe is so self aware. The Empire mimicks the Holy Roman Empire and has a very German/Prussian theme to it, Bretonnia acts as Fuedal England / France, Chaos Warriors mimicking Medieval Scandinavia, Kislev as the Polish Empire, Mongol Hordes in part as Greenskin tribes. A single unit can change the entire game if used properly, and instead of each faction feeling like a mirror of every other one they're too unique to come close. Dwarves are good at holding the line, using advanced artillery and firepower to form massive blockades, relying on faith and steel to keep themselves rooted firmly. Greenskins work with numbers - the green tide - to brutally mash their way through lines, surrounding and slowly beating everything to death. Vampire Counts utilise wild and powerful magic alongside armored units of personified death, chilling wraiths and Ray Harryhousen inspired Skeleton units that look incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Even the DLCs are awesome, Massive rampaging Minotaurs charge into lines of men, scattering them everything and causing mass panic, Wood Elves hide in trees and utilise strong ranged units to exhaust and diminish the enemy before they can even get close.


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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by Kickboxing_Bnana » Sat Jun 24, 2017 7:58 am

Witcher 3 GOTY 20€

Ori and the blind Forest 10€ 2d jump and run with a great art style

Limbo + Inside Bundle 13€ 2d puzzle games with weird but good stories, nice art style and animations again
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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by ashley » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:21 pm

Sniper Elite 4 is a good one

Standard Edition is £20
Deluxe Edition is £32 (comes with season pass and all dlc released so far)

Both are 50% off, really good game and the coop is fantastic. Was a little sceptical about getting it but I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far, 6 hours in and it doesn't disappoint.

Well worth a pick up.

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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by MissVerstand3n » Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:28 pm

difficult to suggest games but I have 2 favorites I have owned a long time:

1) http://store.steampowered.com/app/19830 ... ix_3_Gold/
classice gem, a tactical shooter everyone should have at least played at some point. I still play this game in mp every once in a while. With the master server shut down it is a little more work to get mp to work but well worth it.

2) http://store.steampowered.com/app/25287 ... st_Colony/
Coop space flying game with dedicated roles. basically Arma in space ;) don't buy if you cannot convince your friends to get it as well. playing with bots is just like playing with Arma's ai :(
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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by Rodi » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:38 pm

You posted the same link again, whats the second game called?
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Re: Steam sale recommendation thread

Post by MissVerstand3n » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:03 pm

link fixed. thx for the headsup.

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