Serious Sunday; How do we solve the Isreali-Palestinian conflict?

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Serious Sunday; How do we solve the Isreali-Palestinian conflict?

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With the rise of the Palestinian Identity and Zionism in the 1900s was made existentially worse after the fall of the Ottoman Empire following their defeat during the First World War; though the British had allowed to those of the Jewish faith to return to Israel it soon became too much for them to handle. Whilst they attempted to limit Jewish immigration into the country it caused a lot of controversy, and a lot of Jewish rebel groups came to fruition, fighting for their own state; an idea cemented after the atrocities of the Holocaust during the Second World War. Following the second world war there was a rise in sectarian violence, followed by a Untied Nations decision to split British Palestine into two separate states, formerly establishing Israel and Palestine.

Arguments made by the Arab populace typically point towards Western colonialism and Religious intolerance, eventually leading to the Arab-Isreali war and the fragile peace made after, made at the high cost of Israel gaining large sections of lands previously owned by Palestine, and most noticeably bordering Gaza and the West Bank of the Nile which remained under Palestinian control until the advent of the Six Day War, which expanded Israel further west bordering the Sinai desert and the Golan Heights. Tensions continued to rise, especially in tandem with the Cold War and Proxy Wars seen in Vietnam between Capitalist and Communist countries, and whilst the west armed the Israeli Defence Force with modern tanks, arms and training, Egypt and Syria sought aid from Russia and communist countries, demanding long range missiles for use on civilian populations as well as arms and armor; eventually culminating in what is now referred to as the Yom Kippur War.

Only after peace had been made did the struggle become Israeli-Palestinian. But the rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation saw the rise of modern terrorism as the PLO vowed to entirely remove Israeli control over what they perceived to Palestinian land, starting a long and drawn out occupation of the land by Israeli forces. To this day there is a heavy presence of military personnel on all sides, with violence such as rocket attacks prominent across the Gaza strip and West Bank territories. The draft is mandatory for all applicable Israeli personnel, and they always seem keen to fight.

With no country offering to step in and provide a solution, lest they risk another proxy war and rising political tensions, how could find peace in such a long and drawn out conflict? Will we be able to find peace? Or will war become an inevitability once again in such turbulent times?

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Re: Serious Sunday; How do we solve the Isreali-Palestinian conflict?

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Give it to the Icelandic Buddhists.

But if this an actual discussion you don't solve it, one side will eventually force the other out. This seems to be the the Israeli pushing out the Palestinians or the Israeli government will cease their advance, but everybody knows they won't do that.
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