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Boosting the immune system

Discussion for anything non arma related.
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Boosting the immune system

Post by Ender » Tue May 12, 2020 5:15 pm

Things to look into if you want to boost your immune system and general health during the Corona pandemic.

1) Exercise


Exercise daily. This will involve anything that gets your pulse going. There's been a lot of studies showing the number of benefits especially from things that will get your heartbeat going. This will not only boost your immune system but your entire body and all its functions in general.

One example of a daily workout schedule is the following:

Monday: Jogging (20-45 min) → Stretching

Tuesday: Strength (Benchpress, Squats, Deadlifts, Shoulder press, Olympical Lifts, Biceps curls, pullups, chins, dips, plank, situps) →

Wednesday: Cycling (20-45 min) → Stretching

Thursday: Strength

Friday: Swimming (20-45 min)

Saturday: Intervals → Stretching

Sunday: Walk --> Yoga

Keep in mind that anything you do counts. You can start slow and add on when you feel comfortable. If you don't want to exercise you can simply go for a daily walk and increase the duration of the walk by 5 minutes until you get to the ideal time for you. Don't stress yourself up if you don't reach your standards, but instead be happy that you've done something. The focus is to get a sustainable long term routine going.

2) Intermittent fasting


Fasting has been shown to have a whole bunch of benefits even if your goal is not to lose weight. One of the benefits is that it improves your immune system. Today's idea that eating basically all the time is needed to be healthy is absolutely false. Your gut and body need the rest to heal itself and by eating all the time you constantly keep your insulin levels high. You'll give no time for the body to stabilize and reset. All in all the process of the body switching from a constant glucose source to find unused things in the body and stored fat to use as fuel is good for you. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2016 went to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy. Autophagy is achieved from fasting. Do your own research on fasting/intermittent fasting.

3) Wim Hof Breathing/cold water therapy


This is something that has gained awareness recently and seems to work extremely well. Make sure you do your proper research before going into it. I've tried it for a few weeks and I've taken cold showers for over a year and I can at least tell you from my own experience that it is very likely it will do good for you. If you're older or have heart problems I especially recommend you doing research and avoiding going into it without proper medical supervision/advice. Wim Hof has also not gone into this method by subjective telling, he has been a part of a scientific experiment of himself but also of other people who did the Wim Hof method.

4) Vegan diet


This is a big one and there is a lot of controversy around it. All in all, you can do your own research on nutrition and health but it's important that you go into the research, find the evidence and let the evidence lead you to the right conclusion instead of having a conclusion and finding the evidence to support it. Be open-minded and try things out. From my own research and experience I've gone into a 100% plant-based diet while also being an athelete and I can tell you that I feel much greater then before. Ofcourse a change in diet can come with side effects because your gut bacteria have to adapt to it.

I recommend starting out by watching the Game Changers documentary aswell as



This guy is named Gil Carvalho, MD PhD and a physician, research scientist, science communicator, speaker and writer. Dr. Carvalho is a medical doctor.

5) Stress reduction


I recommend meditation but when it comes to stress reduction it might be most important to simply find something that makes you relax, enjoy the moment and calm down. Anything from painting, reading, golf, meditation, walking, yoga etc.


I am simply putting these things forward as a way for you to begin and do your own research. I decided to put this forward because of the Corona Pandemic that is deadly to people who might not have such a good immune system and have a unhealthy lifestyle. This is a process so do not hurry into anything. Listen to your body and do things slowly to make sure you do not stress yourself out but instead is on a good way into creating a healthy lifestyle that will last. I do not intend to argue with anyone with opposite opinions.

When you are in perfect harmony with the world and you look around you to see the beutiful physical nature around you or go out on the balcony and view the mysterious yet amazing night sky and realize that you are so lucky to be alive and in existance. Negative can't exist without the positive and same thing goes with light and darkness, matter and empty space, life and death. Nobody no matter what they say truly knows what things are and why they are. So simply enjoy the process of life because you are a part of it, it is like a dance. A dance is not there because it is going somewhere, it is there for itself. Have a good day everyone!
Kind regards//Ender
It is the challenge that makes one better, to push one's limit and actively look for things to do better- Ender

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