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Distant Crow Feedback

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Hey folks

Following the first full play-through of my first mission I'd be interested to see how people fared with it.
In particular I'm curious to know if people thought it was challenging enough and if there was enough contact.

The concept for the mission was that you're operating up in the mountains and CSAT aren't expecting an imminent attack.
I guess I was hoping to simulate how not all military areas are packed with enemies. Instead you'd be struggling to find cover assaulting across sparse terrain.

Anyway, it felt to me like you guys steamed through it all-together too easily.
I've already made adjustments to the AI already placed and friendly squads, but like I said I'm trying to avoid placing more if possible, or indeed in reducing friendly numbers, since I want the forces deployed to be believable.

I'm going to continue making some adjustments to distant crow in the near future, but feedback would be welcome.
(I don't believe the feedback form was given for this one as it was pretty late in the night).

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