General idea for debrief

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General idea for debrief

Post by Smurf »

Why dont we have a small debrief in The squads like 5min befor The big debrief.

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Re: General idea for debrief

Post by Rodi »

Few issues with that:
1st, It would have to be post mission, seeing as there simply is no time to have an organized debrief mid-firefight(obviously).
2nd, It would add to more downtime during missions, and you know that people don´t like to wait longer than they´d have to. Especially on server 1 this would lead to a lot of people simply leaving the gamenight. We are already trying to keep debriefs as quick and simple as possible, now why should we add an extra group-level debrief and then another five minutes of waiting until platoon debrief?
3rd, everyone has time to speak their mind after leadership is done with their say, so this seems kind of unneeded and/or is already existing
And with the feedback forms you can comment on most of the things you would do in squad-debrief anyway.
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Re: General idea for debrief

Post by Face »

i agree but 5 minutes is too long, id say it should be relatively quick like 1-2 minutes top before everyone is dragged out of the channels. It just lets SLs address their squad and how they might be able to improve individually and/or squads feedback to their SL so he might be able to improve. While this is going on the next mission can be loaded if you know what mission you need in order to maintain a decent flow and lose minimal time.
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Re: General idea for debrief

Post by ashley »

The debrief format we have now is fine. Even as it is with just the lead elements speaking at the debrief it can run for 10-15 minutes sometimes longer. Having a squad debreif would take even longer.

Sometimes we can have about 10 callsigns in a mission, thats 10 people speaking at the debrief as it currently stands, add 10 man squads to that and 1 person has to listen to 19 people give a debrief, that will take ages.
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Re: General idea for debrief

Post by Karle »

99% of the squads I've being in do this anyway. Doesnt have to take long, generally just points to learn are mentioned if needed (if not already at the time) and a quick appraisal of comms and squad efficiency. If you havent time to do it between mission end and swapping channels, your spending too long on it. I.e

"Good work lads, good comms, good teamwork, red AT, just check that link I sent for how to use the RPG sights."
"Okay, comms were a bit cluttered and we need to remember to keep an eye on our buddies people".

Full squad de-briefs as well as command debriefs would probabley take as long as the mission. As a thought and suggestion, why not use the Gamenight subforum and set up a thread for squad debriefs, for those interested?
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Re: General idea for debrief

Post by Lionheart »

Shouldn't be a forced rule, but i would just ask that the admins not to force drag squads who want to take 60-90 seconds for squad debrief before moving up to platoon debrief.
Although, part of the recent successes of the gamenights has been due to the increased performance of it's members during gameplay, a squad debrief for the 1st mission can be quite helpful for new players to receive feedback or hear about what was done right/wrong etc..
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