Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

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Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by Folau »

Dear Zeus Community,

I am writing to you all to formally retract a comment I made during a recent Game Night (2nd December 2018). During the debriefing for the first mission played, A Bridge Too Far, I made the following statement:
"I would like to give a special mention to Karle for not going down during this mission, which has not happened for a long time."
It has since been brought to my attention that Karle did in fact get downed by a Qilin early on in the mission, however I was unaware of this. To that end, I would like to withdraw any special congratulations offered to Karle and request that the records show I praised my squad without highlighting any individual performance.

I would like to apologise for this misrepresentation of Karle's Arma abilities, as truth and integrity are vital pillars of our community here. My hope is that you can all see to forgive me, and I accept any action taken by the Admin team as a result of my false statement.

Yours faithfully,
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Re: Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by Karle »

I get a Purple Heart at least :(
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Re: Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by Ender »

Okay now we know :lol:
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Re: Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by milki »

Firstly I'd like to thank Folau for his open heartedness and display of vulnerability in admitting his mistake. It takes a true member of this community to come out like this and I hope that this will in future help him to be a better person.

Though I would also like to add that during the mentioned mission and debrief I was present. Regrettably not during the briefing, but I digress. During said mission both Karle and Lynx showed momentary incompetence and got shot by a Qilin. Of course this happens to the best of us, but not to me, so it shouldn't be seen as a grave insult to our community. However, at the end of the mission Karle stated that he thought that he "didn't go down at all in this mission". The reason Folau missed the fact he did in fact die a grossly incompetent death may have been because of my impeccable timing in getting Lynx(our medic) back up, possibly before Folau noticed anyone was dead.

The sole redeeming factor for Karle in this matter is that he did not speak when he was dead, which would've tipped off Folau immidiately. His attempt at obfuscating the truth is still a very nasty insult to our community. Especially since it led to undeserved praise in the institution that this community holds most dearest: our debrief.

I wish to put forward this information in order that Karle gets his due punishment by the admin team. Principally because of the shame withholding it would bring upon me and secondly because such misbehaviour would not be tolerated if Moller were admin and I fear more of these kinds of situations may lead to him backing down as an admin candidate.

Yours sincerely,

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Re: Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by lawman »

Good to see Zeus drama club is going well.
Are we expecting a nativity scene?
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Re: Server 1 Gamenight 02-12-18

Post by Wombat »

I'm scared to ask what a Zeus nativity scene would involve...
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