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GM adoption on Server 2.

Any Topics related to the No.2 Server
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GM adoption on Server 2.

Post by [Ben] » Wed Sep 25, 2019 1:52 pm


As initially outlined at the community meeting earlier in the year, the intent was for the Global Mobilization to become integrated into the server 2 modset. This was intended to be done sooner but was held back due to possible compatibility issues, however i am now comfortable that this can be done with relatively few issues.

GM will be enabled on server 2 as of Monday the 7th of October. . Depending on ownership you will fall into one of two categories:

1. You own the DLC already.
If you already own the DLC, then as of the 7th of October all you will need to do is either add GM to your server 2 shortcut or enable it in the launcher if that is what you use.

2. You do not own the DLC.
If you do not own the DLC, then you can still play on the server however you must first download a compatibility pack. GM is no longer as it was at launch where if you do not own the content you cannot access the server at all. Now there is a workshop item here, which when enabled will make all of the GM content behave in the same way any Official DLC would. I.E you can play missions on the server that use the content, you can use equipment from the DLC but will get popups, and you cannot play on the terrain unless purchased.

The only place to download the compatibility pack is from the workshop, it cannot legally be hosted anywhere else. Once you have downloaded that, if you use a shortcut then you will need to put the content into a mod folder and enable that, if you run the game through the launcher then enable the compat pack in there.

If you own the DLC you do not need the compatibility pack. Similarly if you purchase the DLC down the line you will need to uninstall the compatibility patch. You run either the purchased DLC OR the compat pack not both.

We understand that not everyone will be thrilled with the fact that they will need to download a lot of content in order to play on the server, especially if they are not particularly interested in the content. However polling done before release and during the initial first few weeks during the DLC's release indicated that the majority of the playerbase owns the DLC.


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