Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Zeus Community. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Zeus Gaming Community is an open community, free and unrestricted for anyone to take part. All we ask is that members respect others, appreciate that everyone has their own opinions and ideas and respect other peoples points of view even if you don't agree with them.

    What we promote is cogent discussions on any aspect of our community without defamation or libelous posts. Any member flaming others, trashing ideas without logical or structured arguments will find their posts removed and themselves subject to a warning. Depending on the severity of the infringement of the rules this person may eventually find themselves not only removed from the forum but also the game servers for a period of time.

    What we deem unacceptable:

    Child abuse and illegal images: Any content that depicts or discusses the sexual exploitation of youth and children.

    Adult pornography: Adult pornography of any kind.

    Illegal and radicalization content: Violent, seditious, radical or illegal content in any form.

    Cyber-bullying and Trolls: Any harassment or bullying that is flagged by users.

    Hate speech and abuse: Individuals may seek to create inappropriate content based on political agendas or views

    Problem users: Disgruntled members may look to post negative comments about an individual.

    Defamation: Some people may seek to slander or defame an individual through personal grudge or if they have taken issue with the persons' views or opinions.

    Copyright infringement: Potentially an issue if people publicly copy information from another location. Any organisation that uses UGC run the risk of infringement by publishing submissions from individuals that use protected photos.

    Bad language: Filtering all possibly offensive words and phrases.

    Intellectual property: Anyone who submits crowd-sourced content need to know who the content belongs to after submission and to what extent they can claim it as their own. What attribution will be given them if and when the content is used.

    Social correctness, cultural and religious considerations: Need to consider social norms across the UK and beyond. Content that is acceptable in the UK could be deemed as highly inappropriate in other countries.

    Quality & False or outdated information: Is the information being posted accurate, up to date and good quality.

    How we implement the rules.

    Illegal or sexual exploitative content not only needs to be identified and removed as early as possible but also escalated to the appropriate authorities.

    Adult pornography should be removed immediately. Any violent or exploitative images, video or text should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

    Any harassment that is flagged by users should be investigated promptly and any abusive users blocked and their comments / posts removed.

    Any user caught abusing the system should be banned permanently.

    Any users that have a less serious complaint made about the content they have posted should be warned and given the opportunity to remove the content first. #